Sunday, April 15, 2012

You know there's a problem...

You know there's a problem when the better part of society respects ignorance over education.  The excuse is faith and it's sort of like the matrix.  The more you can disbelieve, the better you are.  To have faith in God, one must disregard science.  Science which we can observe is put down for faith and people consider this a good thing.

You know there's a problem when there's an organized and well-funded movement saying that science is a conspiracy.  It's by the devil or just scientists.  One way or the other science makes up these strange lies for the express purpose of REBELLING AGAINST GOD!  Can you believe it?  The nerve to knowingly falsify data. What's more is that all of the scientists in the world have to be in this.  Everyone knows that we look out into space and God is just standing there waving to us, but those damned scientists making up those pictures of stars and galaxies and shit.

You know there's a problem when an entire political movement is based on religion.  The conservatives and more to the point, tea party-ers.  The tea party is the most awful political movement since the popularly known Nazi regime.  One of the major things which separates the tea party from the Nazis is that at least the Nazis had balls.  The tea party is every bit as bigoted and hateful.  Come to think of it the tea party is even more aggressive religiously.  No, they don't have gas chambers (yet), but they're got network TV and they're not afraid to lie through their asses to publicly ostracize anyone who disagrees with them.  

You know there's a problem when people will vote for a candidate based entirely on their religious beliefs.  If I had a dollar (inflation, ya know?) for every time I've heard "...But at least he's a Christian." I'd be in the zone.  That explains for a lot of the conservative candidates.  Who would really vote for these people?  But at least they're Christian.  Honestly though, one must publicly claim to be Christian to be elected in the U.S.A.  In seven states, the state constitution prevents atheists from holding public office.  This is a repugnant practice.

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