Saturday, April 14, 2012

The not a stamp collector

This whole video has many errors, but I'll only get into one of them for now, this one.  I'd suggest stopping at 3:37, it's the end of what I'm talking about.

So, theists will sometimes content that atheism is a religion.  There's an argument which goes like so "Atheism is a religion in the same way as not collecting stamps is a hobby.".  That's a fair enough point in my opinion, but  disagrees.  Point by point here;

"This is a terrible analogy that does not fit our situation in any way."
It's not a terrible analogy.  Bear with me for this, a theist believes in a god whereas an atheist does not believe in a god.  He makes the assumption here that an atheist believes there is no god.  The distinction is subtle, but present.  Think of it like this: you've got no evidence that there's a piece of paper in front of me, thus you may withhold belief.  You would be irrational though to believe that there certainly is no paper in front of me.  Now substitute "God" for paper.'

"The person who is merely not collecting stamps has no stance on this matter of stamps."
That is not necessarily true.  I personally don't collect stamps and I find collecting stamps to be a dumb thing to do.  I consider it a waste of time unless the stamp has monetary or historical value.  But in that case it's not just stamp collecting.  In a like fashion, I don't believe in God.  I think belief in God is irrational.  I think it's a waste of time.  It is possible to not partake in something and yet have an opinion of it.

"The only way this analogy could really fit is if they started saying "STAMPS DON'T EXIST"."
That's just plain ridiculous.  We've got evidence of stamps, we've all seen stamps.  Hell, most of us use stamps on a fairly regular basis.  Stamps are easy to observe and we've got plenty of evidence for their existence.  I then submit that you're off your rocker, with all due respect of course.

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