Wednesday, February 29, 2012

feministfrequency proves that she is a moron

Time to tear apart this video right here...

We're constantly inundated (flooded or overwhelmed) by Christmas songs...  Overly sappy ones at that.  I'm not a huge fan of Christmas music, so I listen to the local rock station.  Why not just not listen to it if you don't like it?

At 0:35, she suggests that she might unintentionally find herself singing along to these songs we're about to hear about...  Plank in eye.

1:15-1:35; So now we're taking life lessons from comedy movies?  While we're on the topic, does that mean that you believe that all any guys ever think about is girls?  There's food and cars in there too...

As for the song, it's one person singing, not all of the women in the world.  The singer expresses that she wants *her* man, who do you think is listening to that weak argument?
---Please don't listen to Justin Bieber, we're not all that sappy.
------"Bordering on stalker territory"?  From the clip you played, (and I'll be damned if I listen to that all the way through) that sounded like a legitimate Christmas/love song, not stalker-y.
---------For your list of things you might want for Christmas.  Are we assuming that the desired person in the song isn't friends/family?  Most people get days off for relaxation, and besides, would you listen to a song about watching football and drinking beer *for Christmas*?  Most people have a home-made feast for Christmas or corresponding religious time of significance.  Buffy's scythe, now we're getting creepy, I see what you mean...  But seriously, that's the weakest argument ever.  I hope you've got more up your sleeve for the next 4, because that was disappointing.  Give me a challenge - just an idea.

So...  Kid sees mommy 'getting it on' with Santa, who would be his father, because there is in fact, no Santa.  All the kid has to do is ask and his mommy would probably tell him.  I don't think any psychological counseling will be needed.

Ok, really?  So would you rather the boys got the dolls instead of cowboy boots and guns?  I don't see how it's harmful.  Barney and Ben want boots and guns, there we go.  It doesn't say anywhere that they want dolls, if it did, then we'd be in a whole new discussion.    To emphasize; "A pair of hopalong boots and a pistol that shoots, is the *WISH* of Barney and Ben.  Dolls that talk and go for a walk, is the *HOPE* of Janice and Jen.".  The words "wish" and "hope" suggest that the children want these items, and that cannot and should not be perceived as offensive.

I never thought I'd be defending this song.  Again, this comes down to what the writer or singer thought, not all women.  I think you'll find that fewer people than you seem to assume base their lives on 60-year-old Christmas songs.

The most sexist holiday song!  Haha!  I can feel the evil already.  Baby it's cold outside!  So yeah, the song is about a guy trying to convince a girl to stay wherever they are.  The thing is, all of the re-hashing of the song has ruined the vocal cues.  It was a flirtatious song originally.  The original implies that she doesn't want to leave and he doesn't want her to.

Now about your repugnant spiel of ignorance.  6:40~; Like I said above, it's flirtatious.  What he wants is to spend the evening in good company, pervert.  Wolf and mouse?  More like cat and mouse, she was playing right along in the song.  When she says "What's in this drink?", it could very well be a way of saying that she shouldn't feel the way she does and blaming it on the drink.  Haven't you ever flirted with a guy or girl and said no and quite obviously meant yes?  So now we get around to the fun part.  The way men pressure women to do things, because repeating one line is really going to make someone have second thoughts about something they're wholly decided on.  Now, problematic *male* behavior?  Who's the sexist asshole now?  Are you implying that women never pressure men into doing things that the men don't want to do?  I'm here to tell you that you're wrong.  Women have the same capacity to be pressuring as men do.  Don't be sexist.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


It's not!  It's the only suggestion of a god I know of...  But this lady thinks otherwise.

So, here we go.

First thing we must observe is the organization's name, Morality in Media (MiM).  This suggests to me that this group feels that they are entitled to define people's morality.  They're not.

So the man sitting in front of you was looking at some porn, I'll concede that that may be discomforting, especially at 6 AM on an airplane.  What right does this give you to stop him?  None.  The number of people who believe they have the right to force other people to adhere to their morality is appalling.

You were stunned, SPEECHLESS?  Take the latter as a divine sign.

Eight images, you were paying close attention then?  Something you want to tell us?

All young and Asian...  Call the damn cops.  If their age is indiscernible, why do you assume that they're underage?

One of them had one girl whipping another girl...with a whip?  I saw a movie once where a man shot another man, it was awful!

You couldn't help it....  Definitely said something.   Are you assuring yourself or us?

Everyone seemed to be looking at you?  No fucking duh!

You don't know what you're talking about, sorry.

Still holding the iPad, was it supposed to fly out of his hands under the pressure of your morals?

A MALE flight attendant, this shit is important.

There's nothing he could do?  Because there's no policy about it apparently, he couldn't just ask the man to turn it off.  Do we need to make it more simple?

Making you uncomfortable, well sorry princess!   You're sure 'it' was making the other passengers uncomfortable, or were you?

He put it away, mission accomplished!  We can all go home!  Or not...

So now we're just poking the bear.

Sex trafficking was a much bigger issue when porn wasn't an industry.  Now that America regulates it as such, it's the same idea as Hollywood.  People get paid to do something on film, then other people buy it.  Or amateurs make videos for fun or to get noticed.  Now, some countries have a sex trade issue, America, not so much merely because it's so much harder than just legally producing porn.

Kinda relates to above, there's enough decent amateur porn out there to make paying ridiculous.

The woman meant to say "Shut up, you're causing a scene and being a bitch.", but she couldn't say that.  If I could meet that woman in person, I would thank her.

A WOMAN of ALL PEOPLE, the shame!  She didn't tell the guy to stop looking at his porn because he was just sitting there minding his own business (if you get what I'm saying...), whereas the bitch queen of death here was disrupting the whole flight.  Make sense?

What was likely child pornography?  So we've come from not being able to tell how old the girls are to being almost certain that they're underage without any supporting evidence.  No semblance of logical progression.

SPEECHLESS again, wow, the gods have something in mind for you, hmm?

What a martyr.  You go all psycho on an airplane and people are looking at you funny?  You poor thing.

Back to the woman, A WOMAN I SAY!  An older woman!  Degradtion of women and likely children.  If a woman wants to have sex on tape, she should be allowed to have sex on tape.  If she's getting paid to have sex on tape, it's a job.  Your definition of what's degrading may not match everyone else's, stop forcing it on us!  Again with the 'likely' children, where's some damned proof?  Anything?

Porn is SO addictive!  Well, most people like sex, it's a fact.  Most people can't just have sex any time, any where, right?  But you can have porn almost anywhere/time.

I feel bad for him too, but not because he was watching porn, because you jumped all over him about it and accost him online is such a manner.  To clear up potential hypocrisy, you have every right to voice your take on what occurred, but to criminalize someone like you are is reprehensible.

It hurt even more that a woman would tell you that?  Would you get off it already!

Were kids exposed to it?  From what I've heard there was a guy in his seat watching porn on his iPad, probably with earphones.  Come on, those sorts of assumptions don't mean anything.

I wouldn't watch porn on an airplane, too public for my taste.  But if he wants to watch porn on an airplane, let the man watch porn on an airplane!
Direct correlation between violent porn and sexual violence?  That link^ states that the U.S. has the highest rape rate in the world, twenty times higher than Japan.  Have you ever seen the more violent Japanese porn?  It's amazing how that statement doesn't seem to track here.

In a public place as tight and small as an airplane?  Well, I believe Delta Airlines is privately owned, so not technically public...  What are you afraid of anyway, that he's going to all of a sudden become bored of his porn and start randomly raping everyone on the plane?  Get real.

Common danger?  No.  It's not a danger, maybe  discomfort, but not a danger.

You reported it to a police officer, because the flight attendant knew his actions were illegal and just let it slide, right...

Of course you said that it was probably child porn, seriously?  If he'd said something or done something to imply that it was child porn, you might be right.  But come the fuck on...

So the flight attendant, police officer, and any iota of sense you have are telling you that there's nothing to be done here, but you doggedly continue.
Seem familiar?

It would be sexual harassment if the attendant were watching porn, but he wasn't.  Now you're just spewing whatever idea comes into your tiny brain hoping that something will make sense.

Can you really consider it exploitation when women are being paid unholy amounts of money for a 15-minute porn?  Or does using those kind of words just strengthen your argument?