Thursday, April 4, 2013

Jacob's story

Our favorite fundamentalist scumbag nut job, Eric Hovind wrote this post.  It's good to note that in this post, Hovind mentions donations four times, three are explicitly asking for donations.  This is just one ~9 paragraph post.  

The fun begins in the first paragraph though.  Young Jacob had lived a life of ignorance er...  Solid Christian teaching, such that he "had never questioned God’s existence. He had no reason to do so."  No reason besides general intellectual honesty that is...  

Couldn't the story just end there?  Well if it wasn't for the evil indoctrination of the PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM, yes.  Unfortunately, we want a society of well informed people, not creationists.  (Did I say that?)  

In Jacob's first year in middle school, he learned science.  How awful!  His teacher had the audacity to teach evolution as scientific fact (which of course it is, but how dare they teach it that way).  The post here says the teacher ridiculed the children who asked about creationism, and if that's true, that's poor teaching.  But more often than not in these cases, the 'ridicule' is not that of the teacher but that of science.  

On a side note, Jacob is quoted here as saying "My teacher told the whole class evolution was logical and true so we believed her."  That's pathetic on so many levels.  The quote has an implicit and unwarranted disdain for evolutionary theory, Jacob is pretty much just ready to believe whatever he's told is true (thank that Christian education I mentioned earlier).

That was just the first paragraph guys.

I need to quote this, so my apologies...

“A few months later, I realized I’d peeled away from Christ so I began searching for truth online. And that’s when I saw the Creation Today video on YouTube. As I watched, I learned my teacher’s ‘facts’ did not prove her theory. Thank you so much! I am now a strong believer in Christ!”

This is a whole load of fail, and here's why.  When Jacob "peeled away from Christ", he started "searching for truth online".  That implies an assumption that Christ is true/truth.  It would be acceptable if he said that he was seeking answers to get a more accurate understanding of the world, but he exposes an intellectually dishonest position in that line.

If one is searching for truth on the internet, anything to do with Creation Today is probably something that should be avoided.  The word 'truth' is loaded, but when discussing scientific matters like evolution, accuracy is a valid term.  So if one is looking for accurate information on the internet, it is readily available.  It's available in the form of papers and scientific articles by credible people.  Hovind is not credible.

Jacob says that as he watched Creation Today's video, he learned that his "teacher's 'facts'" didn't 'prove' 'her' theory.  
  1. Creation Today is not a credible source.
  2. Those facts are well evidenced.
  3. The facts are part of the theory, not an intended proof of it.
  4. Calling evolution "her theory" is incorrect.
The next paragraph discusses the SYSTEMATIC INDOCTRINATION OF CHILDREN with evolution and that it supposedly causes people to slip away from Jayzus. 

Hovind writes a line in this that betrays his ignorance very plainly.  I quote "When you and I were in school, evolution was presented as theory but now this falsehood is taught as fact."  As so many people have pointed out (including directly to Hovind), a theory is a set of facts that explains those facts.  As such, a demonstrable theory can be factual.  Evolution is both a theory and a fact.  It is a theory because it is a compilation of facts that has explanatory and predictive power and it is a fact because it is demonstrable.

That's shortly followed by something like;

Some inspiration on how if you just keep your faith strong, you can maintain your ignorance indefinitely...

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Thank you, Eric Hovind, for this Gem.