Saturday, April 14, 2012

God's ultimate "Fuck you!"

So Christians claim that people have free will.  Any dispute?  Anyway, God is allowed to intervene whenever he sees fit.  We're supposed to praise him for that.  But when he doesn't intervene?  When he allows something evil or painful to happen, "Oh, God can't do that, it would interfere with free will.".  But he can help Tebow win football games according to 43% of people polled.  So free will can be used when it's convenient, and discarded when it's not.

God is also supposed to have a plan, he know all that's happened, will happen and is happening and he has a freaking plan.  Now imagine you setup people as chess pieces and they weren't allowed to talk or look around, only move how they thought advantageous.  Now imagine that you're playing the chess game.  How would you be able to hold a plan with your pieces moving in such discord?  The other issue here is, if God knows the future...  How then is it possible for it to not be predestined?  That's like me saying, in five minutes you're going to go outside and be hit by a car, but you've got free will and don't have to, but you will.  How is that different from predestination?

So free will aside, in fact taking free will into account.  God created us to be curious, and put a magic tree of death in the middle of the so-called perfect habitat for humans.  That's equivalent to putting a mouse trap loaded with peanut butted in a pet mouse's tank and expecting them not to go for it.  Then, to spike curiosity, God tells us not to eat from or even touch the tree.  So what's running through any humans mind?  "I wonder if...".  So then a talking snake appears (Maybe they'd been sampling some of the herbs in the garden.) and tricks them into eating the fruit.  God shows up pissed and curses the entire race which he loves so damn much.  So now we all have to endure sin because God in his all-knowing love screwed us over.

I erred in the above paragraph.  I said that God cursed an entire race, but he cursed an entire planet to death.  God must really like those apples.  God cursed the serpent by making it slither (as opposed to?) and "eat dust".  God set the snake against people and vice-versa.  God made childbearing painful and dangerous for no apparent reason but to be a dick.  We have to work for food now, which considering the alternatives, really isn't that bad.  But this is quite a malevolent move from a supposedly omnipotent benevolent being.

Then God has the nerve to say repeatedly that he's just.  Do any of these actions seem just?  Would a court pass this punishment?  On to Leviticus, where almost everything is punishable by death, is that just?  How about wiping entire cities off the map in various ways (not that we don't do that, but this is a loving god...)?

I then have to submit that the "God" of the Bible is probably the devil.  I mean, think about it.  God wipes out cities, dooms entire planets to death, wipes out cities, dictates the stoning of children for disrespect, the list goes on...  Does that sound like a loving god?  Does that sound like a devil?

"I realized today that I am God, I prayed and realized that I was talking to myself."

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