Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The horrible oppression of Christians in the U.S.

I was always told about how Christians are prosecuted and oppressed worldwide, and they are in some places.  But I was told that they are in the U.S., what a ridiculous notion.  The 76% of adult Americans who are Christians as of 2008 feel oppressed by the awful 14% who disagrees.  I'd love to make note of the fact that also in 2008, the secular movement atheists and agnostics COMBINED.  The secular movement which so horribly influences the fine institution of religion.  The secular movement which is corrupting children.  Again I say combined, Atheists and Agnostics account for 1.6% of the American adult population.  Let's put it in terms of geography.

1.6% Atheist/Agnostic
74% Christian

The population of the united states also as of 2008 was about 304,375,000.  Which tells;

4,870,000 People Atheist/Agnostic
225,237,500 Christians

That's approximately 46:1 Christians to Secularists.  Now for the geography part.

The U.S. is 3,717,813 square miles of which 3,536,294 square miles are land.  You can see where this is going.

63.7 Christians per square mile on average.
1.4 Atheists/Agnostics per square mile on average.

These numbers are rounded. By state as of 2010(and this won't work out perfectly due to the two-year gap in population data);

California-37,253,956 (27,567,927 Christians, 596,063 Secularists)

That is more secularists than the entire population of Wyoming.  Forty-nine times the number of Christians to the population of Wyoming.  

Let us now assume that somehow religion is being oppressed despite the majority.  I'm sorry...  I just can't see how they could even make this claim.

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