Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A few arguments refuted

Our current lack of knowledge pertaining to the origin of the particle(s) involved in the big bang is no more disproof of evolution than a lack of knowledge of where God came from is disproof of theism.  Which, however is more likely?  A particle of currently unknown origin, or an all-powerful being who has been there forever with no cause?

The argument that things need causes but for one exception is ridiculous.  A good theory doesn't have exceptions strewn haphazardly through it.  When the theory of evolution is taught we don't merely accept that the universe exists, we attempt to discover why.  With the competition we have, however, there should be no need...

Atheists have/need more faith than Christians.  Not only does that mean that we have more of the basis of religion than religious people do, but it's ridiculous.  It's ridiculous because there's evidence on our side of the argument, something which religion cannot boast.  Faith is belief without evidence, why would we need that?  We have evidence without belief.

Atheists have no morals.  That's unfounded, and as such, bullshit.  Atheists are some of the most moral people I know, because they have to account for their actions instead of Jesus taking the heat for them.

We need God for purpose/happiness in life.  I'm happy to report that this too, is complete garbage.  I have a sense of purpose and I'm relatively happy.  I don't need God for that.

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