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To attain shock-jockey status...

     Toward the beginning of the video is the first misconception.  Just because someone exists doesn't mean they matter.  I exist, I plan to be a mechanical engineer, I'll fix some problems and design things.  In the long run though, I won't do anything that no one else could not accomplish.  The best I can hope for is that I'll do it sooner than other people.  But that just makes me the first, not the best.
     Who am I not to end a war?  I'm a single person.  A war is a multitude of people, all that will happen is my voice will be drowned out as I am trampled by the masses.  The way to end a war as I interpret you saying it would be to amass a following and as a collective, end the proverbial war.  The problem is, by doing that it is no longer me, but us who ended the war.
     So we're going to tell the kid, this little fucker with no independent thought that Kony is the "bad guy", without telling him why he's bad.  Now, a lot of these things are awful and heinous and demand a reaction.  But come on, I hope not everyone is dumb enough to agree with something because a little kid bumbles out the words his daddy is telling him.  You seem to be raising a small child army there, indoctrination before free thought develops and the like...
    The government has policies about military engagements so that we don't do off loosing hell in small countries because Jack stole Bobby's ball.  This particular issue is one that Uganda needs to solve.  There are three options I see;
1:Arrest and try Kony for his crimes.
2:Kill Kony.
3:Revolt against Kony, all the power he has currently is only assumed.
I list these options as the most likely, not the only solutions to this issue.  Let's just make sure it isn't kindergarten day at the courthouse.
     You have friends in this conflict, right now...  And what are we doing?  Making facebook groups.  Well, if Americans who won't take action to raise awareness about domestic issues click on that share button, Kony will drop to his knees.  The way I see this playing out is Kony's army grows until someone sees them  as a threat, that rival will ally a couple other forces and end the Kony issue.  That's just my prediction.
     But where you live has always determined whether you live, look at mortality rates in harsher environments and then at more hospitable environments.  That's sort of how it's been going forever.  Eventually, people will get sick of all this crap coming through their countries, they'll band together and end it.  Through history, this is what has happened.  Not always in such a cruel fashion, but the principle is the same, the more ruthless one is the more likely they are to win a given scenario.
     Oh, ok, so this is a charity thing.  There's something that might be worth mention before we're halfway through a video.  So yes, people raise money and a lot can happen.  Before we get scholarly, might it be a good idea to make sure that the school doesn't just get burned down?  That early warning network is a great idea, but what's the plan?  Fold up the school and put it in a backpack?  I know this group's entire directive is peace, but maybe training and organizing a defense...  When a person or group shows a tyrannical force that they're done taking it in the ass, the tyrannical force will move along to somewhere else.  Eventually, the process has to end.  It always has, because at some point someone will make a fatal flaw.
The quote "We will fight war!" seems a bit...  Odd.  Especially with the ten thousand fists thing going on.  Peace group, right.

"From Mexico, from Canada[,] from every other state I can think of..."  Come on...  You can't do that.

     Just because there isn't an American policy dictating the way Uganda behaves doesn't mean that the cause goes unnoticed.  That's like saying you can't punish someone else's kid the way you think is proper, so the child must never be punished.  On the other hand, if this other child is threatening others, you have the right to stop them.  Does that make any damn sense?
     The next bit goes on to talk about how the U.S. authorized about 100 troops to deploy.  it pretty much states that the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) is becoming a threat and must be dealt with.  I'm not familiar with the time frame of all this, but whether this is a direct result of the activism is unclear.
     After eight years of work, the government heard you...  Trust me when I say they pay close attention to activism and protest groups.  The situation just reached a point at which it merits intervention.  Save patting yourselves on the back for later.
     If i had a nickel for every time people demanded something from the government and still didn't get it...  Well, the point is, we may request and petition, but not so much demand.  The U.S. has had a tendency to pull through as humanitarians when need be.  Also, didn't the letter say that the LRA is becoming a threat to a large number of countries and communities?  Or shall we disregard that for the icing on our victory cake?
     So Kony has changed his tactics to be harder to track.  Wouldn't it have been easier to remove him when he wasn't doing the hide-out thing?  Not like we're familiar with this game...

20:38-21:01 has there ever been a more hashed up clip which made less sense?

     This is like I was saying earlier, when it gets to the point where it's bad for everyone.  The big fish in the pond will step up to stop it.  Does this really bear mention in a video in which you are trying to prove that your activism caused a response?
     Well "...changing that..." is politically complex.  We unfortunately don't live in a world where political vigilantism is considered proper.  There needs to be a line between what we see as wrong and what is a threat to humanity.  This certainly falls into the latter,

Again with the little kid, what is that really supposed to convey?

     The government has a large effect on people with money, it merely favors them.  What controls the government is media, politics is all about image.  If a politicians slips up and the media is there, they're done.  That's how it works, welcome to the U.S.
NO ONE CARED?  Really?  You think that may be overgeneralizing a bit?

     Everything we do will affect every generation to come.  It can be any role from being a number in a statistic to a technological or social breakthrough.  Just putting that out there.  Same deal with shaping human history.  Which reminds me, why fall back on redundancy?  Do you feel that repeating a directive  legitimatizes it's authenticity?  Seriously, why keep going with redundancy?  Redundancy is a weak tactic.  Oh damn.
     Hate to break it to you buddy, but Gavin will have other issues.  They'll be equally bad and some of them will be direct consequences of this generation.  Doesn't it suck to think of it that way?  But in the end, it rings true.  Everyone seems to have this objective to make the world a better place, but it's more like shifting the bad around.
     The last nitpick is " for peace." armed with guns of creation and swords that heal I assume?

You message is sound for the most part, it's the presentation which I simply cannot stand.

I agree that the crimes Kony has committed are awful.  But it's just a different bad.  Before him came Hitler, Ghengis Khan...  The list rambles on.  There's always going to be someone committing vile acts and there will always be people thinking that signing a paper will make someone see the evil of their ways.  I can just see Kony now, sitting in his little hut.  But what's this?  People in america are hanging signs up and signing online petitions?  A tear trickles down his hardened cheek...  To be continued....

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