Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One question to end them all

This guy, right here...  has one question, one question which will reduce any atheistic belief to rubble.

Ok, so.  Although it may be shallow, I'll turn that question on you, which did God create first?  In Genesis, the birds of the air are commanded to rise out of the water.  Is this the sea, or the inside of an egg?  Now, things evolve more slowly than you imply.  Instead of a fish egg turning into a chicken it works more like...
The way you pose such a question is disingenuous.  The egg came before the first chicken as we now consider it, this is because the creature just before the chicken had to lay the egg with the correct mutation to become a chicken.  Same goes for fish.  My turn now.  Where did god come from?  If he's eternal and has always been there, how can you then assume that a dense particle couldn't have been around forever.  Take a look at this as well

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