Friday, March 30, 2012

Spreading God's love... Except to atheists.

     The post just previous to this one touched on the fact that atheists are at least among the most hated people groups in the U.S...

I won't embed this one for the sake of keeping the post tidy.  That's about a girl being kicked off of a basketball team and out of school.  It shows how the religious community demonstrated God's love to her.

That's terrible.  In general, atheists are seen as people who worship the devil, eat babies...  The funny thing is that it's the Christians who ritually drink wine to symbolize the blood of a man who has been dead for 2,000 years.  It's them who eat bread to symbolize Jesus' body.  It's them who have the weird death/blood thing.  The entire bible is centered on killing/resurrection/death.  Who really wants to do that, and moreover to force it on others?  There's no justification for that.

The hate of atheism is ridiculous.  Atheism is a balanced worldview boasting some of the greatest thinkers throughout history.  Atheist states tend to be less violent than religious states.  Atheists are more tolerant of other people and groups than are religious people.  Never has there been genocide in the name of atheism, there have been many in the names of various religions.  No atheist has felt compelled to fly airplanes into towers.  Atheism doesn't dictate the subordination of women, it doesn't teach abuse to children.  Atheism does not validate mindless massacre.  Atheism isn't behind slavery.  Over all of that though, atheism doesn't make people talk to an invisible man in the sky who doesn't demonstrate his presence.  For that disbelief we're hated.  Thank you America.

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