Friday, January 6, 2012

76 and Tired - Hoax email

This email is fake.  It's supposedly sent by Bill Cosby, but...  No. That's Bill's website, more to the point, it's Bill denying that he wrote or agrees with the email.

If you want to read it before my rebuttal, you can do so here.  This link states that the email is false as well.

So assuming you've read the email...  My rebuttal.

I agree with parts... 

1: Welfare is largely abused, certainly an issue.  But there are some people who truly need help.

2: All religions have extremists.  That's how it goes.  Hitler claimed to be/thought he was a christian doing God's work.  The crusades in Europe which eliminated innocent villages indiscriminately were fought in God's name.  That card is unplayable.

3: When we pay for oil, it becomes 'their' oil money and they're free to do with it as they please.  America is a country with freedom of religion, They can teach whatever they want to - and we get to tolerate it.  We can't build churches there, but there are missionaries, we're not respecting them either.

4: Global warming (whether a natural cycle or human effect) is happening.  No serious changes to our lifestyle have been made yet, so...  No argument there, Robert.

5: A self-inflicted disease is a disease all the same.  They have a medical dependance on the substance they're addicted to and if we can help them rid themselves of it we shouldn't whine about it.

6: It's not ours to judge other people's motives.

7: "I'm really tired of people who don't take responsibility for their lives and actions.  I'm tired of hearing them blame government, or discrimination or big-whatever for their problems." There's a partly valid point!  Only 3rd from last too!  A lot of people do gripe about the government and discrimination, but they only get away with it because there is something of an issue in both, and there's no one group to blame for it.

8: Yeah, people get covered in tattoos, but they can still find jobs.  When I see people between jobs there's a fine mix of pretty much everyone.  People who like being coated in tattoos often find themselves working in (hold your breath) tattoo parlors. 

9: Wow that's selfish...  And pessimistic...
I don't *WANT* this to be widely publicized...

I don't do chain messages in general.  If I did, I wouldn't send this one.  It's very disingenuous in my humble opinion.

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