Sunday, December 4, 2011

Depressed dude on youtube

This video recently came to my attention and what really got me interested was the sheer number of views/comments it's still getting.  I know I'm contributing by posting the link but here it is (it's a real downer to watch)
Now I can understand being sympathetic, but I personally am rather apathetic.  I was pissed at not only the video, but the people in the comments.  Any weak-minded person can cap themselves and similarly, can whine on YouTube.  The strong person is the one who keeps their head high, flips the bullies off and goes about their day.  I've been depressed, a whole bunch of people think I'm gay and a similar number give me shit just to do so.  I learned to have thicker skin and consequently not to care what most people think.  Truth is, people are often douchebags, it's true.  Often they have no clue how much some people care.  The victim has a right to be pissed, but if they cower away from the bully, they're only gonna get picked on all the more.  If you don't react to them, they'll go away and find someone who will.  Someone like Jonah.  Cutting is very harmful, not only physically.  It has psychological effects and that on top of everything else is probably hitting him all at once.  I care about him as a person, but he's letting it happen.  Maybe this is somewhat callous and perhaps even controversial, but it's my opinion, based on my experience.

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