Saturday, September 15, 2012

Coming in at the bottom...

You have a dirty mind.  That sentence was supposed to end with 'of the IQ spectrum.'  So, coming in at the bottom if the IQ spectrum is...  YouTube's MegaSage007!  A self-proclaimed geocentrist, young-earth creationist and intellectual.  None of those claims are true.  In a discussion I was having with him, he dropped this gem.

You were born into Bible morality for the obvious reason your Creator has written his Moral Book, and if you insist on deciding what your morals will be from day to day, from situation to situation subjectively - you will serve the Devil and his doctrines including psychology, feminism, heliocentrism, sodomy, abortion on demand, the big bang, abiogenesis, evolution, cosmology, etc and your God given conscience will be ruined by your violating it til you could have no morals at all.

You just can't make this stuff up!
From the top...

  • What is it to be born into Bible morality?
  • The 'Creator' never put a pen to papyrus.
  • Having reasoned morality is different from having no morality.
  • Psychology is an area of study, not a doctrine.
  • Feminism is a doctrinal worldview in a way.  It's more an out-out-control rights group.  I'm a secular humanist egalitarian, feminism isn't one of the flags I fly.
  • Heliocentism...  Reality, not a doctrine  If you can out-of-hand deny physics, astronomy and your kindergarten education, I guess geocentrism could seem valid.
  • Sodomy?  Who cares how people like to stimulate that nerve?
  • Abortion on Demand...Actually an issue, but not a doctrine.  Before the fetus has developed into a viable organism and is a mere cell mass, I see no problem with disassembling it.
  • The big bang...  Not a doctrine.  If you don't take science seriously enough to recognize how the solar system works at an elementary level how do you expect to understand quantum mechanics?
  • Abiogenesis, a hypothesis, not a doctrine.
  • Evolution, a theory, not a doctrine.
  • Cosmology, an area of study, not a doctrine.
  • etc, probably not doctrines either.
My God-given conscience?  Do we really want to get into conscience numbing events?  If we do, the Bible is right there...

"your God given conscience will be ruined by your violating it til you could have no morals at all."
Sure, conscience can be suppressed by certain actions are habits, but that's not a loss of morality.  It's a loss of empathy perhaps.

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