Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shining intellect of YouTube 1

Person 1: Glad to see "good" Christians rejoice in the death of a man [Christopher Hitchens] who rose up and challenged their beliefs. And they wonder why people take their "loving" stance with a grain of salt

Person 2: We rejoiced over the death of Bin Laden as well. As I'm sure YOU did as well.

Me: I saw killing him as a necessary evil. It's not something to rejoice over.

Person 2: So in the Old Testament when thousands were killed in the name of religion, could that be considered a "necessary evil" as well?? LMAO You atheists can't have it both ways.

Me: Far from it. Most of the people killed in the old testament were innocent. Bin Laden was an international threat. You're right we can't have it both ways, that's why I only take one.  If someone needs to die to save a lot of people, it's sometimes the right thing to do. Many of the people killed in the old testament were peaceful. Infants were massacred. Women were raped. All this because God was pissed. How dare you make this comparison?

Person 2: Ok, YOU know that they were innocent. I didn't realize you were there. NONE are innocent. ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God. Maybe if you knew scripture you would know this already. If you're going to make omelette, you have to crack some eggs. Stop being a pussy

Me: Of course, I'm talking from a materialist standpoint. I don't think that we're all innately evil. It's not that I don't know what the Bible says, it's that I think it's hooey (with all due respect). The problem I have with God's old testament "omelette" is that he had to crack almost 25 million "eggs". I'm not being a pussy as you so crudely assert. If you were told by "God" to wipe a city which wasn't harming anyone off the map, would you be eager to do so? You gotta make the omelette!

Person 2: We all all born in sin because of the fall of man. Hooey or not, that's we we have to be Born Again. And PLEASE don't spout numbers when you are totally ignorant on the Bible. There were not 25 million people on the PLANET in the old Testament. Only 2% of human life existed before Jesus, 2000 years ago. And God would not tell me to wipe out a city that wasn't harming anyone. He wiped out Sodom and Gomorrah because of sexual immorality.

Me: Again, I don't believe in the born evil theory. Your wording "hooey or not" is all-encompassing and therefore ridiculous. Think of pre-flood population. The species would have had 120,000 years + to populate. 25 million is a conservative estimate taking into account other catastrophic events. 2% of human life before Jesus, who may or may not have even existed. 2% assumes young earth theory, which is ridiculed in the scientific community.

Me: If you're ignorant enough to think that Sodom and Gomorrah were the only cities wiped out, you may be a lost case. Sexual immorality (in this case homosexuality), so? The children and infants were sexually immoral assuming that homosexuality is immoral (and it's not)? Numbers 31:7-18 details the genocide and rape of the Midianites, ordered by God. What were the Midianites doing? What made the virgins deserve to be raped and forced to marry? You try to defend this?

Person 2: You must be GAY

Me: Well that's intellectually stimulating. Funny how you back down to such unfounded claims in the face of an argument.

I'm not gay, but if I were I don't think I should have a problem with it.

Homophobia is on par with racism, it's hating a trait about someone which they have minimal to no control over.

Religion has been oppressing all sexuality since the dawn of time.

Sex is an amazing recreational activity and there's no reason to reserve it for procreation.

Good job there.

Person 2: Sex is for PROcreation not Recreation. Hey MORON? If you take that attitude, then Pedophilia is OK right?? Wouldn't discriminating against them be ON PAR with racism?? After all, you said sex is an amazing RECREATIONAL activity. right? You DUMB FUCK!

Me: First, that's prudish and unnecessary.

Me? Yes? [In reference to "Hey MORON?" not a separate post in case it matters...]

No, pedophilia cannot be compared to consensual sex between two adults. I knew this would come up, but there's only so much to say in 500 characters.

That's exactly what I meant to say, discriminating against homosexuals is on par with racism.

Sex is an amazing recreational activity. It's good psychologically and physically. Sex relaxes people, which could go to partially explain your tense state.

Person 2: Discriminating against pedophilia is the same as gays. There is NO way you can defend what you said without defending ANY kind of sexual perversion. THUS, you don't have time.. LOL

Me: The problem you run into comparing pedophilia with homosexuality is that homosexuality is almost perfectly harmless under consensual conditions. Pedophilia is as close to constantly mentally and physically devastating as can be assumed.

Your comparison is like comparing the sport of boxing to murder. One is done by athletes and the other is done by thugs. One is legitimate and the other is vile.

I don't have... Time? What?


I wish I were joking, or that I had written all parts for comedic value.  But this again, is YouTube's finest.

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