Sunday, March 25, 2012

Grade A prime bullshit! Obamaville (unlisted, spread the link)

Stop plagiarizing 'The Walking Dead'...  This advertisement is funny at best. Rick's message for America

The fact that anyone even considers Rick for president baffles and frightens me.

Fundamentally altered...  Really?  Pres. Obama has been very conservative for a democratic politician.  Most of the things I've been looking for I hope to see in the four years to come if Pres. Obama gets a second term.

Don't pass this off like all of these issues are new, they're merely peaking.  Bush left a wreck, this administration gets to clean it up.  Bush had a lot to work with too, considering his intellectual disadvantage.

We haven't varied from the constitution, and the declaration of independence...  What?  All that the Obama administration has done is make the dirty choices that no one else would.  There's no way to magically fix problems.

The debt hasn't just skyrocketed, but gone into orbit...  ONE generation?  You imbecilic twat!  The debt has been around for a very long time.  It's "immoral", need more be said?

If we didn't have to deal with Rick for four years afterward, I'd like to see him try to balance everything out as he promises.  Unless he is indeed using magic, he'll find it a bit more complex than flipping a switch from debt to gain.

You really can promise that we'll never have this problem again?  Are you really egotistical enough to assume that your ideas will be perfect throughout time?

"Burdensome regulations", we've got to watch out for that sort of thing.  Obama job killing regulation, is that killing Obama's job, or Obama killing other people's jobs?  Regulations aren't put in place to impede jobs, they're put there to make jobs safe.  You want to get rid of regulation, read 'The Jungle'.

Lower manufacturing taxes to 0, Obama is/was trying to reduce the manufacturing tax rate.  But without some tax, the government cannot operate.

Pres. Obama's energy plan is designed to help us reduce a need for oil in favor of green energy.  We then have jobs in renewable energy, without having to destroy the environment with pipelines.  As an "American people" myself, I object to that.

I'm trying to argue this in a point-by-point format that doesn't require the video as much as a knowledge of our buddy Rick.  This part in the video however, complaining about gas prices, shows a pump reading 90-91 dollars.  At roughly $91, the meter also reads just shy of 38 gallons, putting the price of that fuel at $2.39/gallon.  Just putting that out there.

There's no safe drilling, oil companies always try to get by as cheap, not safe as possible when drilling to get the most money.  That's where things like the gulf oil disaster come from.  It won't, as Rick argues help us in the long run.  It just prolongs the time we have to arrogantly burn oil.

Now you start talking about how we need to make America an energy supplier, not just a consumer.  When will it get through that thick skull that we have solar, wind, hydroelectric etc...  at our FINGERTIPS!  Yet we neglect those for oil.

Well if your wife says it's true then we all accept it without a doubt, thanks for clearing that up.

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